Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Salesforce Einstein Analytics fetches all your data altogether from across your company to attain perfect visualizations as well as actionable comprehensions. With the help of Salesforce Einstein AI, we can forecast results, determine visions, acclaim further steps, and even automate workflows for you. Our Salesforce experts can help you to get the most of your data by attaining automated suggestions and forecasts from the system and transform those into positive business outcomes.
Advantages of Einstein Analytics Software Implementation for your business:
  • No need to design your own predictive models: Einstein provides the best model as per your business needs and you do not need to design your own predictive models.
  • There is no need to hire Data Scientist: Einstein Analytics is a homemade AI software that needs an equip of a dedicated data scientist. Dedicated data scientists are very expensive and difficult to find but Einstein itself will be an effective Data Scientist.
  • Perfect accuracy of your CRM: Data is said to be a significant asset for the AI which means that your CRM will learn and will be more accurate every time it gets new data.
  • Simplification of your regular work: However, Einstein Analytics will not perform any work on your behalf but it is very efficient to propose possible solutions and substitutes that speed up your regular work. It is very similar when Google map tells you the total time to reach a certain destination as it does not really know that you are going there but it forecasts the time as per your daily movements.
Make smarter decisions with Einstein Analytics and AI-augmented data discovery and explanations. At Miri Infotech, we design the dashboards that will help you visualize where you are today, so, you can make better decisions for tomorrow with the help of Salesforce Certified Consultants.
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