Salesforce Communities

Salesforce Communities transmutes your business into social enterprises by empowering branded spaces for your staff, clients, and partners to interact and collaborate to ensure your business growth. Being a Salesforce Custom Development Company, we aid organizations in planning ,designing, and implementing complete Salesforce-based business solutions. Our prime objective is to transform the way businesses interact and manage their customers, products, partners, and even employees.
Miri’s Salesforce certified consultants can help your company with its effective Salesforce Communities Implementation so that your business has a personalized, branded, integrated, and engaging space that becomes a seamless extension of the corporate identity. The services of Miri commence with determining a social roadmap for the company including the development and the agreement of the related vision, and objectives and elaborating all the implementation strategies. Another phase to ensure a sound Salesforce Communities Implementation is to plan and launch and conduct seamless measurements through its pre-determined metrics.
In addition, our proficient team of Salesforce Consultants has the widespread experience to lead the implementation of large complex projects that include requirements such as multiple technologies in use as part of the business process, accommodation of multiple global regions, the requirement for a scalable solution to accommodate future acquisitions and so on.
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