Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ helps in alleviating pointless sales activities by automating the entire quote to cash process and offer value to customers. In other words, Salesforce CPQ refers to the configuration,quotation,and pricing of CRM software that helps the sales team of a company sell proactively by quoting the correct price for orders.Basically, CPQ is an automated CRM tool to figure error-free pricing by considering all the features of the product including all kinds of customizations and discounts.This framework helps in generating faster sales quotes and alleviates the approval time of moving from quote to cash.
In the field of sales optimization, Salesforce CPQ is contemplated as one of the most advanced innovations that help in lessening the time-to-sell by providing assistance to the sales reps to come up with accurate product quotes that lead to faster and guaranteed sales. The efficacy of Salesforce CPQ assists your sales team to generate quotes faster so that the team can spend more time in the actual selling process.
Benefits of Salesforce CPQ for your business:
Miri can help you in the implementation of CPQ software that eliminates legacy quote processes with the help of siloed data by leveraging AI and automation.
In addition, the CPQ tool increases sales by offering precise quotes with error-free configurations as well as this tool makes the salespeople more productive by removing manual congestion in closing the sales process.
Also, the tool ensures collaboration across multiple platforms such as sales, finance and legal that enhances the revenue stream of business.
Salesforce CPQ helps you focus on the further courses of action by allowing you to view all the changes made, discounts offered, and the status of your quotes.
This platform helps to enhance the productivity of your sales team by offering them increased automation in generating quotes and enabling them to manage the CRM data in a better manner.
Our team at Miri Infotech will help your sales team in driving more sales by providing tailor-made Salesforce CPQ services.
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