Migration from Classic to Lightning

Three years ago, Salesforce Lightning was launched which is great software with bizarre features and specifications that enhances business productivity. This software helps to sell in the most easier and faster manner and it has been based on cloud technology so that it can help you make significant decisions. Also, this software provides you direction to improve your CRM into your company’s future.
Migration from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning
It is evident that every software and vendor has to launch a successful application to survive in such a highly competitive era to see their firm in the best version. Salesforce is highly renowned in the CRM industry because of its goodwill for excellent products and services. Salesforce designs its software and products in such a manner that can prove to be very fruitful for business growth. Salesforce has recently come up with its new software platform which is referred to as Salesforce Lightning that is a new generation product that offers a great design interface and enables the sales team to ensure faster and quicker sales. Also, this version of Salesforce helps the sales team to crack the deal faster as compared to its other previous versions. There are various tools in Salesforce Lightning that helps to speed up the productivity of the sales team.
It is true that many people get influenced by mobile to get their work done on time and now, Salesforce users and reps make use of mobile phones to manage customers. They can easily crack a deal and handle customer queries through mobile by interacting with social customers.This is the main reason that Salesforce Lightning was synced with the mobile version.
Everything is good in salesforce lightning
The Salesforce Lightning gives a much more natural customer experience as compared to Salesforce Classic but it can take quite some time to adjust user experience in the Lightning software but then it is definitely worthwhile. The experience in Salesforce Lightning is easily customizable, quicker, and extremely easy to maintain.
One of the best parts of Salesforce Lightning is that it gets better day by day with its regular updates. For instance, when it was initially launched then, the side navigation of lightning software could not be customized. But now you can use its drag and drop feature in the current lightning platform. In the latest update of Salesforce Lightning, you can easily customize the navigation bar as well as the infrastructure of the entire page.
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