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Microsoft SharePoint is the fastest growing product from Microsoft. It holds a leadership position in the multiple workloads it offers under one umbrella.

SharePoint functionalities such as content management, business collaboration, content search, portals and analytics enable agile response to business needs.

Integration of multiple workloads while building business applications enable organizations to make better and faster decisions, improve business productivity and adapt to market changes quickly.

SharePoint offers seamless integration with Microsoft Office suite. It presents a single, up-to-date version of vital information for decision makers to access, analyze and act within a shared workspace.

SharePoint reduces costs and time-to-market with rapid development capabilities, a common platform and infrastructure. Complete with tools, the platform enables editing and sharing of documents, enabling workflows, managing and securing contents, and searching enterprise-wide sources for data and documents.

Microsoft SharePoint is an effective tool that seamlessly integrates your workplace. Miri offers comprehensive solutions to help you deploy this tool. We offer various services from strategy and architecture consulting to solution implementation, to cloud deployments.


Implementation Services

People, process, and technology are typically vital to any Microsoft SharePoint implementation. To get this combination right, we need a clear intranet roadmap and strategy. From establishing business and social driven information architecture to making optimal customization choices for making the most of third party add-ons, we need to stay on top of implementation at all times. Microsoft SharePoint can help to address all this through efficient stakeholder collaboration, information and content management, business process automation, and employee self-service opportunities.

Our services span across portals, Enterprises Content Management (ECM) systems, search engines, analytics, business process automation, line-of-business integrations, and the Microsoft Office 365 suite. Enterprise Social enablement via SharePoint is a key solution area for Miri. In addition, we bring expertise from our enterprise Knowledge Management (KM) platform, one of the largest Microsoft SharePoint collaboration portal deployments worldwide.

Miri provides a comprehensive set of services for Microsoft SharePoint to meet business requirements. Our Agile-driven implementation methodologies ensure a smooth deployment based on early feedback gathered.


Service Offerings

Miri provides services for scalability and seamless implementation of Microsoft SharePoint through:

Strategy, Roadmap, and Architecture Consulting: We assess the organizational readiness for collaboration and KM using proven frameworks and models. This helps formulate business cases for Microsoft SharePoint adoption, while proofs-of-concept accelerate quickly-wins and strategic value initiatives. We offer a framework for Enterprise Social enablement on SharePoint that is a vital catalyst today, for productive information management.

End to End Implementation Services: Miri offers complete Systems Integration capabilities in delivering a true end to end services on SharePoint backed up with reusable components, intranet accelerators, administration artifacts and architecture best practices.

Transformational Services: We offer end-to-end migration services to transition from existing ECM systems, web sites, collaborative platforms, and portals to Microsoft SharePoint. This helps create the business case for rationalization, consolidation, and transformation.

Maintenance, Support, and Administration: We offer a robust, scalable sustenance model based on managing services. This ensures that we manage and improve your Microsoft SharePoint implementations from a feature, functionality, process, and infrastructure perspective. All this is driven by measurable line of services based on SLAs, continual improvement, proactive monitoring, health checks, and operational best checks.

Health Check Services: We offer a comprehensive review and health check of your existing SharePoint deployments across business usage, information architecture and design, infrastructure, and performance. This is backed by objective questionnaires, workshops, and tool-based assessments. All this together, help us provide you key recommendations to derive maximum benefit from SharePoint investments.


SharePoint Best Practices

Our best practices the technology leadership, systems integration and program execution related to Microsoft technologies. The dedicated Share Point and Microsoft Business Intelligence (MS BI) team comprises skilled and certified pool of designers, architects and developers.

Our experts possess experience in successfully implementing out-of-the-box or custom solutions in SharePoint technology for various industries.

Our SharePoint-specific solutions, reusable components, reference architectures, discovery tools and templates, solution accelerators, and implementation frameworks reduce lead time and costs across the development lifecycle. The solutions simplify the technology landscape by eliminating multiple non-Microsoft technologies and help consolidating domains.


Development Framework

Miri has proven credentials on MS SharePoint with extensive engagements, vast customer base, established KM and administration frameworks, a comprehensive suite of migration and solution accelerators, and compelling industry solutions.

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