Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

With our Business Intelligence Services, we help you use data to make the most informed decisions.


At Miri, we help you utilize data to make smart decisions throughout your entire business…because with data, comes knowledge! We ensure you have the right information—when you need it—to make informed and expedited decisions, achieve compliance, minimize threats, increase productivity, and move forward with confidence at every step. We facilitate the utilization of Business Intelligence and provide the necessary tools needed to predict, track, analyze and present information that impact your business decisions, which eventually result in improved business performance.


Business Intelligence Consulting

  • BI Assessment & Tool Evaluation

  • BI Consulting Services

  • BI Architecture Design Services


Business Intelligence Implementation

  • BI Implementation Services

  • BI Dashboard Services

  • BI Migration Services

  • BI Performance Management

  • BI Governance Services


Business Intelligence Support

  • Data Warehousing, Integration & Consolidation

  • BI Support and Maintenance Services


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