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Our Blockchain Capabilities

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is a business or organization that takes decisions based on a computer code or its members’ votes. The code constitutes the rules defined by the Smart Contract, adopted and implemented after the members vote in favor of proposed changes to the rules.


Decentralized finance (DeFi) is an emerging financial technology based on secure distributed ledgers like those used by cryptocurrencies. The system removes the control banks and institutions have on money, financial products, and financial services.


Tokenization is converting something of value into tokens that can be transferred, stored, recorded, or manipulated on a Blockchain. Any asset, information, or utility can be converted into tokens and introduced to the asset market. The implementation of tokens works through the Smart Contracts known as Token Contracts, which are codes that validate business rules and govern the transfer of value between Wallets.


Enterprise Blockchains are usually Permissioned Blockchains that streamline business processes with cross-organization digitization, automation, security, and scalability. They act as trusted, shared, and semi-centralized records of information for a set of businesses and third parties.

Enterprise Blockchain

Non-fungible Tokens are certificates of ownership of tangible or intangible, digital and physical assets. Smart Contracts govern the verification of ownership and transferability of NFTs. However, they are programmable further, for example, for royalties and linking to more digital assets. NFTs are non-interoperable, which means that the information stored in them is non-exchangeable and non-usable.


Interplanetary File System is a decentralized peer-to-peer file sharing and file storing protocol that enables the web to be faster, safer, and more open. Data sharing happens in a distributed file system.


Chainlink is a Blockchain Oracle hosted on Ethereum that feeds data from the outside to the Hybrid Smart Contracts on the Blockchain. It’s a middleware that solves the connectivity problem. Chainlink is in the form of a decentralized network of nodes that transports real-world data to the Blockchain after querying, verifying, and authenticating the data sources with the help of APIs.


Polygon is a platform and framework for Blockchain scalability. It enables connectivity and development of Ethereum compatible Blockchain networks. Polygon’s compatibility extends to all the existing and future Ethereum infrastructures. Polygon is interoperable with sidechains, sovereign blocks, and other layer-2 solutions.


Decentralized Applications are open-source software applications that run on a Blockchain network. The hosting and development of dApps are also of decentralized and distributed nature. The Digital assets generated by dApps function as the proof-of-value.


Engagement Model-Blockchain Services


Our team facilitates customized workshops to understand the client's requirements and identify areas where Blockchain could deliver actual value. Our team of expert’s reviews use cases using DQ-VAF (Value Analysis Framework), determines usefulness and assists our customers by establishing realistic goals.

Business Feasibility Analysis

As a result of evaluating the business potential of the Blockchain application ideas generated during ideation, we conduct a comprehensive TELOS study. In addition, we will assess the risks and opportunities involved in the project to validate its feasibility.


Miri architects investigate the selected Blockchain platform and technologies and then devise a technical solution in order to build a minimum viable product as quickly as possible.

End-to-End Development

Our experienced developers and designers develop a solution that is both future-ready and amplifies business impact via a wide array of enterprise Blockchain frameworks.

Post–Launch Support

As a company of enterprise-scale, we help our clients leverage the transformational impact of Blockchain to grow their business.

Our Case Studies

As a leading Software Development Company, we make use of significant and latest methodology to complete your Joomla projects


Implementing Salesforce into growing company

The client came to us needing a centralized system to manage intra-departmental operations between inside sales, outside sales and service teams. Although they were experiencing rapid growth, they were also enduring a number of challenges including data quality, lack of integration, non-standard reporting formats, ineffective lead generation, non-measurable marketing efforts, an undefined sales process, and shuffling between spread sheets to manage data.

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Implementing Pardot for franchise development company

Fransmart was using different microsites to promote their customers’ brands, which became a complex process for them to handle. They came to us needing a way to automate manual sales and marketing processes in order to free up time to focus on valueadding touchpoints for their clients and grow their business.

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Implementing Pardot for a growing VMI company

With growing demand for their unique product in the global market, Hypori needed to ensure their marketing processes were robust enough to support their intended growth. Because of a lack of integration, their website wasn’t helping them enough to drive business with the right pace. Hypori wanted to utilize their digital presence to drive sales by synchronizing marketing and sales data in real time, and ensure the look and feel aligned with their branding.

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Implementing Salesforce and Pardot for a growing Contractor Management Software company

With a growing team and an expanding global footprint, Initiafy needed to ensure that marketing processes were robust enough to be delivered consistently from one market to another, whilst maintaining the flexibility to localize campaigns to the needs of prospects in each region. Execution of their strategies were furthermore complicating the matter due to the nonintegrated sales and marketing systems.

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Implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud for YMCA

With 2700 branches throughout the United States, it was a huge challenge for the YMCA to consolidate their data and then use it for their regional marketing activities depending upon branch-specific registrants. They enlisted us for help to implement and streamline this process.

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Migrating to latest version of SharePoint

A&D needed to migrate from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 in order to enhance storage, userfriendliness and security across the site.

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Developing a pipeline for partner opportunities

The client wanted an internal process that would allow Asurion Geo Leads and their delegates to submit partner opportunities into their new business pipeline via a “Submit AIC Opportunity” registration form. They wanted this process to be standardized, repeatable and transparent. Also, each opportunity would need to go through four different levels of approval before launch.

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Automating a manual CSAT reporting process

The client had been using a manual process for handling data and generating CSAT reports. Once the data was collected and placed within Excel sheets, it required some clean up, clubbing up and filtering of the data. Then, all the data in the fields needed to be verified manually to generate specific reports. This operation was challenging and labor intensive.

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Creating a centralized employee evaluation system

In an exponentially growing organization with offices in Germany and India, there was a need to implement a centralized system to evaluate employee performance.

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Branding intranet portal with new theme

Netgear wanted to redesign their intranet portal—which had been created in SharePoint 2010—to be in alignment with their current brand standards and the latest design trends. In addition, they were using some premium web parts to which the new design also needed to be implemented. This would require exacting attention to detail since our work would be done on a live intranet portal.

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Upgrade and implementation of University website

San Jose State University needed their existing application, which was created in ASP, to be converted to ASP.Net. They needed us to recreate the financial transaction system (FTS), plus redesign the security structure and approval workflows for managing different transactions department-wise.

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Acorn Global School

Design and development of school website

Acorn Global School needed a website that was easy to update from a universal perspective. Many sections of the website needed to be interconnected, meaning an update in one area would ultimately impact many other areas. They needed a design partner who could understand the complex structure and functionality of the site.

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Fremont Khalsa School

Design and development of school website

The client came to us needing a fully-responsive, interactive website where they would be able to share events, maps and slideshows.

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Seal Software

Website redesign and migration for software company

Seal Software needed their website to be completely restructured and redesigned. They needed a fully responsive website that would be more user and SEO-friendly. Previously their blog content and Partner management was maintained on two separate sites; everything needed to be integrated and migrated into the new website.

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App development for food search database

WYMP (What’s Your Most Popular?) helps you discover great dishes wherever you are. The client hired us to finalize their website design and development, design their database, and handle REST API development with a complete backend system to handle and report each activity of the website as well as mobile app. They also needed us to integrate cloud hosting.

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