Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Ready to experience the power, versatility and cost-effectiveness of the Cloud? We’ll guide you through every step.


We have helped hundreds of companies take advantage of the power of the Cloud, with migration, consulting, deployment, big data services, DevOps and extensive Cloud computing services customized to help your organization get the most benefit from the Cloud’s flexibility, automation, speed and cost-effectiveness.


At Miri Infotech, we will make sure that the Cloud supports and empowers your organization by maximizing communication and productivity between your technology, your business and your processes. We look strategically at your organization’s big picture, fine-tune every detail, and support you at every step.



  • Cloud Migration

  • Database Migration

  • Infrastructure Migration

  • Application Migration


  • Security

  • Networking

  • Backup and Recovery

  • Cloud Hosting


  • Big Data Services

  • Serverless Computing

  • Websites

  • Windows


  • Automated provisioning

  • Microservices

  • Continuous integration

  • Continuous delivery

Extensive Cloud Computing Services

Once you are on the cloud, we can help you develop and maximize infrastructure and abilities through a number of cloud computing services:

  • Business Integration/SOA

  • Business Intelligence on the Cloud

  • Cloud Services

  • Commerce

  • Content Management

  • Custom Application Development

  • Education

  • Information Management

  • Mobile Platforms

  • Platform Integration

  • Portal & Social

  • Cloud Services for Microsoft Technologies

  • Common Cloud Service Models: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

  • Azure Services on the Cloud: Azure SQL Database Services, Hindsight, SQL Server BI Services

  • Front-End Services on the Cloud: Office 365 and SharePoint, Power Business Intelligence


See our Cloud Services case studies.


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