Evolve Bank & Trust


    Evolve Bank & Trust is eastern Cross County based bank. Miri InfoTech developed Internal Portal in Share Point 2010 technology for Bank. This portal is capable to handle HR, IT, Training and New Branch openings departments.


    Technical Stuff

    • SharePoint 2010
    • Share Point Branding
    • Custom Web Part
    • Data View web part
    • SharePoint Designer Tools
    • SharePoint Master pages
    • Custom Breadcrumbs
    • Css, Jquery


    Web parts-

    • Share and Discuss
    • Announcements
    • My Assets
    • Chat Web part



    • Left Navigation Panel


    • Lists
    • List Posts
    • List Comments
    • Karah list


    • Surveys
      • Cell Phone Service Provider


    • Sites
      • Room and Equipment Reservation
      • Expense Reimbursement
      • Blogs


    • Top Navigation Panel



    • Customized Ribbon - enhance look and feel of website.


    Features –


    • Share and Discuss
    1. Option to enter comment.
    2. Feature to see the comments of another user.
    3. Provide option to give reply on Comments.
    4. Comments from both people appear on screen.

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