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    The A&D SharePoint2010 project provides A&D users with an efficient, internal portal that not only provides exciting new features with SharePoint2010 but also provides seamless automation for various workflows. It drives the concept of using this SharePoint portal for individual work, task & document management while using it as sharing & collaboration site for departments & projects.

    Features -

    • Portal Admin Panel
      • User Roles – Admin, Power User, Reader, Contributor
      • Manage User Permissions
      • Assign User Roles

    • Department Admin Panel
      • User Roles – Admin, Power User, Reader, Contributor
      • Manage User Permissions
      • Assign User Roles

    • Project Admin Panel
      • User Roles – Admin, Power User, Reader, Contributor
      • Manage User Permissions
      • Assign User Roles

    • User Dashboard
      • User Task List
      • List of recent pages visited by the user
      • Document list of documents owned by the user
      • Corporate Calendar

    • Main Tabs/Links
      • Business Performance
        • Lists only
        • Content will say “Under Construction”

      • Document Center
        • Facility to upload documents
        • Check out
        • Check in
        • Cancel check out
        • Download document
        • Set document permissions
        • Private – only owner can see. It is not searchable
        • Read Only – the document owner can designate users who can read these documents. It is searchable
        • My Public Documents – Accessible to all and searchable
        • Other Public Documents – Documents owned by other users which have read & write permissions

    • Calendar
      • Add, Delete & Change Events

    • Discussion Board
      • Default SharePoint

    • News & Events
      • Default SharePoint

    Workflows -

    • Purchase Order-
      • Create PO for Existing vendor
      • Create PO for New Vendor.
      • Create PO with Fixed Asset.
      • Manager Approval
      • Controller Approval
      • President  Approval
      • PO Approver
      • Accounting Process
      • Close Po
      • Email Notification at each level.

    • Consumer call
      • Create Complaint
      • Email Notification to QA Manager.

    • Complaint Handling
      • Complaints converted from Consumer call.
      • Create New Complaints
      • QA Manager Reviews & Assigns Complaint To Investigator
      • Investigator Investigates & Updates Complaint Form
      • QA Manager Reviews Investigation Information
      • Supplier Investigation
      • QA Manager Fills Out Final Analysis
      • Email Notification at each level.

    • Service Repair Request
      • Customer Service OR Service Tech Submits Service Repair Request
      • “Shipping &Receiving” receives the item
      • Service Technician Clicks on email link & opens form
      • Repair Request gets assigned to service technician’s ID.
      • Service Technician enters repair information
      • Manager Actions.
      • Email Notification at each level

    • Internal Audit
      • QA Manager Assigns Auditor To Do An Internal Audit.
      • The Auditor Audits The Auditee.
      • Auditor Fills Out An Internal Audit Form.
      • Send Emails To QA Manager & Auditee With Link To The Form.
      • Audit Result –Conformance.
      • QA Manager Reviews Audit Form.
      • QA Manager Assigns Task To User [Audit Control.
      • Assigned User Fixes Non Conformance [Auditee]].
      • Auditor Approves.
      • Email Notification at each level.

    • Graphics Request
      • Graphic Request Input.
      • Approver Opens The Form.
      • Designer Opens The Form.
      • Design Work Completed.
      • Email Notification at each level.



    Each workflow has its own Report with various filters. There is also Export Functionality with multiple formats like- PDF, .xls,.csv.


    Project Site-

    A Project has a finite lifecycle and a project team that could consist of various members from different profiles and departments. The Project Administrators need to have flexibility to customize their respective projects & project dashboards as per their unique requirement. A project dashboard will serve as the collaboration area of the project for the project team.

    This project would allow a Portal Admin to create various new projects and assign one or more Project Admin(s) to each project. A standard project template will be provided when a project is created by the Portal Admin. The Project Admin(s) would have the authority to customize the project. Project control is in the hands of Project Admin(s) and Project team members. A project could be active, closed or archived. A project search could also be initiated. Project Admin(s) would be able to modify Lists, Webparts, Styles, and Permissions for their respective projects.

    Features –

    • Project Team
    • Links
    • Issue Tracker
    • Project Status
    • Change Request Management
    • Project Completion
    • Project Archiving
    • Project Search
    • Progress Report

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