Responsive Web Design: The design of the application is responsive and suitable for all available devices, and platforms. It provides best viewing experience for easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing and scrolling.

    Cross Browsers: The PERT is very user friendly and consistent when it is visited from various browsers. The look and feel does not change with changing browsers.

    Complex Reporting: There is a pretty complex reporting for displaying, and easy to use Dashboard to show the information.

    Roll Up Feature: Roll up functionality on all the forms to show the information entered previously by the employ whereas Admin can see the all employee information.

    Technical Stuff –

    • office 365
    • office 365 Branding
    • Custom Web Part
    • Data View web part
    • SharePoint Designer Tools
    • SharePoint Master pages
    • List driven navigation, image slider, FAQ, notifications and forms.
    • HTML5, Css, jQuery, Bootstrap
    • customization of web parts

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