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    The Evolve Bank and Trust SharePoint website was created by Miri Infotech, where the company employees can collaborate and work together. All their shared documents may also be stored in the Evolve bank and Trust SharePoint portal. For the users, it is easy to find and organize the information. It has a search function. It also helps the employees collaborate on sharing information through the Evolve bank and Trust SharePoint site.

    The SharePoint sites built by us are scalable and enterprise ready, and at the same time make sure finding documents and collaborating is not hard work for the employees. The Evolve bank and trust corporate intranet solution implemented by Miri Infotech also gives access to employees about company news, projects and about other company details.

    The main work accomplished by the Miri Infotech team was SharePoint branding which resulted in improved SharePoint website which managed all the concerns of the company. With the branding work of the Evolve Bank and Trust SharePoint site, the look and feel of the site has improved, and we have used a custom background for the site, which gives it a unique look which will extend the brand identity of the client through the website.

    UI branding

    Our goal was to create a feature rich enterprise collaboration portal which expressed the identity of the company through the SharePoint portal and was visually appealing. We created a SharePoint website which was more employee centric than the earlier version with integrated web parts created by Miri Infotech enhancing the performance of SharePoint portal.


    Known as Quick Launch, there is a left navigation where the links lead to lists, surveys and sites. You may get data from SharePoint users with the help of surveys. With the help of surveys, the company may collect data about its employees including the issues, and business processes and other problems. The top navigation is called Global navigation through which you can navigate in SharePoint across sites.

    We have also created individual dashboard and custom webparts for the SharePoint website. As is evident from the SharePoint site built by us here, the most valuable part as considered by the client in this SharePoint portal is information, most of the sub sites for it are also centered around information. The subsites include information about Trust, Board, Board Committees, HR, IT, Training, Marketing and more. Information about new branch openings comes in the last tab in the global navigation bar. SharePoint lists are at the core of many things and they can be used to improve project delivery, as it is a great tool to capture project information as it is easily shared with the team.

    The site also has customized blog chat where you can enter your comments and someone else on other system can reply back with their comments. The blog chat also displays an image and replies are also showed on the screen. Questions and answers are saved in lists.


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