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Starting with careful listening, we create top-notch solutions.


At Miri Infotech, we solve problems. We create solutions to make your business, job, and workflow better. We offer custom technology solutions—so whether you need software, applications or websites developed or customized, we can help. We also offer a number of pre-made products on AWS, Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud that can be implemented directly into your business.

Founded in 2003, we are agile tech-solution developer with big capabilities. We are devoted to maintaining longstanding client relationships. Headquartered in the USA, we have offices in California, Indiana, and New Delhi and Mohali, India.




Who We Work With



We work with companies of all sizes to create tech solutions that solve problems, make jobs easier, and make businesses stronger. Many of our clients have IT departments of their own—but their internal IT either doesn’t have the bandwidth or expertise necessary to complete the specific solution.



Business Units

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • HR

  • Accounting

  • Purchasing

  • R&D

  • Operations

  • & More…


  • Healthcare

  • Pharma

  • Finance

  • Retail

  • Technology

  • Education

  • Engineering

  • Manufacturing

  • & More…


Working Together

We make working together easy.

At MiriTech, we develop tech solutions that solve problems, make your job easier, and help your company run better.


How we do it

We listen to your needs. We ask the right questions. Then we create the solution. Throughout the process of working together, you’ll experience clear communication—from initial contact, to estimates, timelines and deliverables. This is why we excel, and why we have so many satisfied clients.


How it works

Embarking on a complex technology project may seem overwhelming. At MiriTech, we make the process easy to navigate:


  • You have a need.

  • You speak to a U.S. based project manager.

  • We understand your need and provide an estimate with pricing & timing.

  • We deliver.

  • We support your implementation.

  • You become a happy (and hopefully ongoing) client.


Keep moving forward. We’ll help.

Our clients are busy meeting goals and moving forward. They rely on us to listen to their needs, pinpoint the right technology, and translate that into a technological solution. That’s exactly what we’ve been doing since 2005.

Let us take the weight off your shoulders. Tell us your needs.


Meet the Team

Meet the Miri Team

We may be spread across continents, but our goal at Miri Infotech is to ensure we are always on the same page. Through frequent and exacting communication, and strong internal processes, we put together strong teams to meet and exceed customer needs. Our team comes from a place of shared values—putting communication, quality, and customer satisfaction first—while knowing that more we support each team member’s talent, the more value we can provide as a team, and the more rewarding it feels.

Management team

Meenakshi Kumar

Director - Service Delivery, USA

Meenakshi brings with her 10+ years of experience from Hi-Tech consulting and the financial industry. She is a highly motivated, result oriented and 100% customer focused professional with a unique ability to bridge gaps between business and technical personnel. She has proven capable of achieving long and short-term goals through the development of sound strategies along with the necessary critical thinking and decision making to effectively manage solution delivery.

Jamie Chan

Director - Operations, USA

Broad range of business experience, including customer service, sales and international trade being well versed in performing timely and accurate analysis. Oversees offshore branch activities and address issues and challenges facing the company. Helps develop and execute programs and initiatives that support all branch operations, including sales, customer service and human resources. Perform and present high-level strategic analyses to executives to ensure operational excellence. Supports the development and implementation of overall cost-savings initiatives.

Manvinder Oberoi

Director of Business Development, USA

With nearly 10 years at MiriTech, Manvinder has deep roots in helping the company grow through acquisition and retention of new clients. He knows that in order to acquire and retain clients, stellar service with clear communication and second-to-none deliverables must be provided. Through passion and dedication, Manvinder ensures all this and more. In addition, Manvinder is motivated to help each client maximize ROI—so their investment with Miri isn’t just a smart technology decision, but an efficient business solution.

Tech team

Our tech team includes experts in many different technologies, so when you work with us, you can be confident that the people creating the solution are well-versed in the exact technology being employed. To stay nimble and keep clients happy, we don’t have time for guessing. At Miri, we choose expertise!


Interested in joining the Miri Team?

We are looking for creative, skilled individuals who have a positive outlook and appreciate teamwork. If you want to work in a relaxed, encouraging, upbeat working environment, Miri is the right place for you! At Miri, we offer our employees a positive work atmosphere where their voices and suggestions matter.


Our Core Values

At Miri, we are passionate about, and driven by, our core values:

  • Quality & Innovation. We ensure the highest levels of accuracy, efficiency, usability and appearance of our customers’ components.

  • Respect. We treat our clients, partners, and employees with respect, and deliver a great experience of working together.

  • Investing in talent. We invest in finest human resources and provide an environment which encourages and appreciates talent and growth.

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