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Lightning Components

Lightning components is a UI framework aimed to develop web apps for mobile and desktop devices. Lightning is new, fast and awesome experience of Salesforce ever. Miri Infotech was among first few partners to list Lightning components on AppExchange.

We help you design and implement the best possible solutions for your complex business requirements.

Pardot & Marketing Automation

Pardot is a B2B marketing automation tool by Salesforce, which helps you to automate your marketing and sales engagement in order to generate more leads, close more deals, and to measure marketing success. We have more than 7 years of experience in marketing automation implementation of seamless sync behavior between Salesforce Sales cloud and Pardot that too in accordance with business processes. We are the experts in implementing complex business automations and setting up Sales process, from lead generation to client acquisition. By building interactive marketing assets like landing pages, custom email templates, forms to enhance the perfect synchronization between Pardot and their Website, we help marketing teams in their demand generation strategy.

Data Migration And Integrations

Moving into Salesforce? We welcome you to Salesforce family! We are here to help you in data migration from any database to Salesforce. We effortlessly integrate your Salesforce instance with various marketing automation tools using both connectors and REST APIs. We have proven experience in integrating Salesforce with third-party applications like Zoho CRM, form Assembly, Magento, Google Calendar, and Google drive.

Salesforce1 Mobile Apps

We believe in empowering our customers, so they can access Salesforce anywhere, anytime. Salesforce1 platform is the answer of to all the challenges that companies face these days. We have 5+ components on AppExchange that are Salesforce1 app ready and till now we have successfully delivered 50+ apps on Salesforce1 mobile to our clients.

Salesforce Analytics

Salesforce Analytics Cloud is a strong and secure cloud-based analytics program developed to help medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises in implementing rapid, iterative exploration of data, with results displayed via layers of dynamic visualization over underlying data sets.

Also called Einstein Analytics, its presentation of information is highly optimized for mobile device users, with screens resized according to various device types. All the functionality comes at reasonable prices designed to meet the needs of diverse users, which is why we are certain both small and large companies will have their needs covered, regardless of the deployment method they’ve selected. What makes Salesforce Analytics Cloud so special is that it doesn’t just reveal relevant trends and drops in productivity, but also inform teams why and how it happened.

Salesforce Implementation

Miri Infotech helps businesses in their digital transformation by providing Salesforce implementation services. From designing a strategic roadmap to set-up configuration and customization, we follow a holistic approach along with being equipped with experienced resources to deliver best-fit Salesforce solutions that quickly adds real value to the business.

We leverage Salesforce’s rapid application development platform to optimize sales and marketing and launch communities for collaboration along with a strong cross-industry focus for global clients.

Salesforce Communities

Communities are great to share information and collaborate with people outside your company who are crucial for your business processes, such as customers, partners, or employees.

Community Cloud is a social platform from Salesforce.com, which is designed to connect and facilitate communication among an organization's employees, partners, and customers.

Salesforce Custom Development

Being a Salesforce development company, we help organizations in planning, designing, and implementing complete Salesforce based business solutions. We transform the way businesses interact and manage their customers, products, partners, and even employees. We are here to unleash the full potential for you.

Area of expertise: Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce Analytics, Pardot, Salesforce Communities, Salesforce1 based mobile application, or Salesforce AppExchange Apps.

Migration From Classic To Lightning

Blog post for migration to LEX.