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Owner can synchronize their rooms, rates and availabilty on single platform. It is a simple, elegant and astonishing booking system that help end users to book multiple rooms from multiple hotels in single cart.

In today's world online business is very important to earn more profit. Qloapps brings you the most incredible hotel booking system which will help you to get infinite booking inspite of the season or other factors involved in offline booking.

Miri Infotech is launching a product which will configure and publish CMS Made Simple, a Content Management System which is embedded pre-configured tool with Qloapps and Prestashop ready-to-launch AMI on Amazon EC2.

Some features of Qloapps are:

  1. Launch Hotel Booking System: Launching a very simple, exquisite and user-friendly booking system is now possible with our QLO hotel booking system. Users can book the rooms and hotels easily and can help the admin to increase the revenue of the hotel. Qlo help you to synchronize your rooms, rates and availability of rooms to the users on single platform. The room details and rates are displayed in easy to understand layout and it also display the high quality images of the rooms.
  2. Manage Offline Booking: QLO booking system is one place for managing all your online and offline booking. Admin can book the room from back-end.Suppose a customer enter the hotel to book room instantly i.e. ondesk booking, at this moment admin do not have to do any manual entry or manage any hand book he can make the entry to the system from backend easily.
  3. Partial Payment Booking: With the help of Qlo system customers can book rooms by paying some amount or you can say doing advance payment. Now, customers do not have to pay full amount to book rooms in your hotel. They can easily do advance booking and can have confirmed booking status. They will pay the due amount while check in the hotel and admin can update the due amount from backend.
  4. Integrated Payment Gateway: QLO supports all the payment gateways which are developed on the prestashop standards. We provide Paypal payment method integrated with our module. Paypal is the most popular payment gateway to make payment through credit card. This is known payment gateway which will ensure customer that they are using secure payment method to book their rooms on your site.
Qloapps live cast:

You can subscribe to Qloapps, an AWS Marketplace product and launch an instance from the product's Qloapps AMI using the Amazon EC2 launch wizard.

You can subscribe Qloapps to an AWS Marketplace product and launch an instance from the Qloapps

product's AMI using the Amazon EC2 launch wizard.

To launch an instance from the AWS Marketplace using the launch wizard

1. Open the Amazon EC2 console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/ec2/.

2. From the Amazon EC2 dashboard, choose Launch Instance.

On the Choose an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) page, choose the AWS Marketplace category on the left. Find a suitable AMI by browsing the categories, or using the search functionality. Choose Select to choose your product.

3. A dialog displays an overview of the product you have selected. You can view the pricing information, as well as any other information that the vendor has provided. When you are ready, choose Continue.

4. On the Choose an Instance Type page, select the hardware configuration and size of the instance to launch. When you are done, choose Next: Configure Instance Details.

5. On the next pages of the wizard, you can configure your instance, add storage, and add tags. For more information about the different options you can configure, see Launching an Instance. Choose Next until you reach the Configure Security Group page.

6. The wizard creates a new security group according to the vendor's specifications for the product. The security group may include rules that allow all IP addresses ( access on SSH (port 22) on Linux or RDP (port 3389) on Windows. We recommend that you adjust these rules to allow only a specific address or range of addresses to access your instance over those ports.

7. When you are ready, choose Review and Launch.

8. On the Review Instance Launch page, check the details of the AMI from which you are about   to launch the instance, as well as the other configuration details you set up in the wizard. When you're ready, choose Launch to select or create a key pair, and launch your instance.

9. Depending on the product you've subscribed to, the instance may take a few minutes or more to launch. You are first subscribed to the product before your instance can launch. If there are any problems with your credit card details, you will be asked to update your account details. When the launch confirmation page displays



Qloapps brings you the most incredible hotel booking system which will help you to get infinite booking inspite of the season or other factors involved in offline booking. Qlo booking system allow hotel owners to manage their online & on desk bookings by launching an Hotel Booking Website.


The Qlo software is basically for the small, medium or large hotel owners who want to launch their own hotel website. Qlo is complete B2C software which will increase traffic and revenue.

Deployment/Usage Instructions

Open the URL: http://<instance ip address>/main.php

<instance ip address> : IP address of the running EC2 instance.

Step 1: Fill the primary authentication form with the following details –

Username: Admin

Password: <instanceID>

Step 2: select your language and click next.

Step 3: accept the license and click next.

Step 4: enter the details of your shop and click next.

Step 5: enter the following details:

Database name: qlodb

Database login: qlo

Database password: <instanceID>

Test your database connection and click next.

Step 6: click on discover your store to see the website.

Step 7: For admin panel click on “manage your store”.

Step 8: For security reason you have to delete the install folder from the root directory. For this SSH into the instance using putty and run the following command:

sudo rm -fr /var/www/html/hotelcommerce/install

Step 9: click the link shown in step 7 on the screen again. And login to your admin account.


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