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An AWS product Subrion - Open Source CMS powered by Miri Infotech. Subrion is a free open source content management system licensed under GPL v3. It has a scalable structure that allows to extend its functionality as much as you need, no matter if you use it for a small project or a high-load portal.

We are configuring and publishing Subrion embedded pre-configured tool with LAMP and ready-to-launch AMI on Amazon EC2 that contains Subrion, Apache, MySQL, Linux, PHP (LAMP).
Features of Subrion

Free & open source

You don't need to pay a single penny to start using Subrion CMS. It's not encrypted in any way so you can customize it per your needs.

Extremely easy to extend

Forget the hours of programming simple things. Use Subrion framework API to add extra stuff using hooks, plugins, & packages.

Templates and plugins

No need to search. Plugins and templates are available straight from your admin dashboard with one click installation process.

Powerful admin dashboard

It's done to focus on the content management process. Start it hassle-free within just a few minutes and take care of the content. It's easy!

Blog in the box

Bring your online presence to a whole new level with the extensive blog functionality that comes in the version by default.

Multilingual CMS

Use ready translation or translate the system into your language. It provides all the functionality to become a multilingual solution.

Subrion live cast:

You can subscribe to Subrion, an AWS Marketplace product and launch an instance from the Subrion product's AMI using the Amazon EC2 launch wizard.

To launch an instance from the AWS Marketplace using the launch wizard
  • Open the Amazon EC2 console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/ec2/
  • From the Amazon EC2 dashboard, choose Launch Instance.
    On the Choose an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) page, choose the AWS Marketplace category on the left. Find a suitable AMI by browsing the categories, or using the search functionality. Choose Select to choose your product.
  • A dialog displays an overview of the product you've selected. You can view the pricing information, as well as any other information that the vendor has provided. When you're ready, choose Continue.
  • On the Choose an Instance Type page, select the hardware configuration and size of the instance to launch. When you're done, choose Next: Configure Instance Details.
  • On the next pages of the wizard, you can configure your instance, add storage, and add tags. For more information about the different options you can configure, see Launching an Instance. Choose Next until you reach the Configure Security Group page.
  • The wizard creates a new security group according to the vendor's specifications for the product. The security group may include rules that allow all IP addresses ( access on SSH (port 22) on Linux or RDP (port 3389) on Windows. We recommend that you adjust these rules to allow only a specific address or range of addresses to access your instance over those ports.
  • When you are ready, choose Review and Launch.
  • On the Review Instance Launch page, check the details of the AMI from which you're about to launch the instance, as well as the other configuration details you set up in the wizard. When you're ready, choose Launch to select or create a key pair, and launch your instance.
  • Depending on the product you've subscribed to, the instance may take a few minutes or more to launch. You are first subscribed to the product before your instance can launch. If there are any problems with your credit card details, you will be asked to update your account details. When the launch confirmation page displays


Subrion CMS is a stand-alone PHP content management system that is very easy to use. It comes with a ton of great features including full source editing, per-page permissions, user activity monitoring, and much more. Subrion CMS unites the functionality of articles script, auto classifieds script, realty classifieds script, web directory script, and yellow pages script all in one package.


Coding Conventions

All the new code must be E_STRICT-compatible . This means that it must not produce any warnings or errors when PHP error reporting level is set to E_STRICT.

Naming Conventions

Classes should be given descriptive names. Avoid using abbreviations where possible. Use upper case letters as word separators (CamelCase), lower case for the rest of a word. Don't use underbars.

Extensions Structure

Extension name should be lowercase alphanumeric. You can also use underscore when needed, but it's recommended to avoid it. Please note, folder name MUST BE similar to the extension name in install.xml file.

Package Structure

There is a reserved way in the CMS core to import data specific for the package. You only need to create a new folder called dumps in your PACKAGE_NAME/includes/ directory and put your MySQL file there. You will be able to import any of these dumps via Admin Panel - Manage Database - Import.


  • Application will work only with Web based system.

Usage / Deployment Instruction

Open the URL: http://<instance ip address>

Welcome Screen

Step 1: Pre-Installation Check

Click on Next button

Step 2: Subrion License

click on Next

Step 3:Configuration

DB Hostname : localhost

DB Username : mirisubrion

DB Password: <instanceID>

DB Name: mirisubriondb

Admin Configuration

Username: admin

Password: <As per your choice>

Click On Install button

Step 4: Script Installation

show welcome message either continue wtih next step or go to admin panel

Step 5: Plugin installation

Select Plugin and install.

After Installation, SSH using root user is disabled. ec2-user is the sudo user with root privileges with access using the key pair created during launching the instance.

MYSQL can be accessed only with SSH

MYSQL User : root

Password : <instanceID>

Note : You are not supposed to change it.

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