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An AWS product Miri eSchool Portal powered by Miri Infotech. With the growing need of communication, parental involvement and high level management, a school needs to automate all administrative tasks, communications and education curricular. Miri brings you the perfect automated product for all your schools' management tasks.

We are launching a product which will give you a blithely experience of school management. It provides you with all the functionalities required to be automated for an academy or school’s management.
  • Academy Management
  • Assignment Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Class Management
  • Department Management
  • Exam management
  • Fee Payment Management
  • Grade Management
  • Leave Management
  • Semester Management
  • Teacher Parent communication
  • Teacher Management
  • Tem Management
  • Teacher Management
  • Tuition Management
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This product helps you in managing your Academy, School, and Institute by automating the handling of Department, Academic Year, Payment Period, Term, Semester, Tuition, Teacher, Grade Policy and Class.

For the management of Student, Parent, Attendance, Assignment, Evaluation, Leave and Appointment, checkout the advanced version of this product.

1: To use the eSchool, you are required to input the following data into the system:

  • Country
  • City
  • Currency
  • Tuition Type
  • Class Room
  • Leave Type
  • Grade

Click on the Input Field to have a look as to how the inputs are to be inserted.

2: Now you need to create the Academy in order to manage it. Then is the need to configure the following to be managed by the system

  • Academy Management
  • Department Management
  • Academic Year Management
  • School Management
  • Payment Period Management
  • Term Management
  • Semester Management
  • Tuition Management
  • Teacher Management
  • Grade Policy Management
  • Class Management

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eSchool is a product with which you can handle the management of Academy, Term, Semester, School, Department, Teacher and Class. You can easily digitize your data which belongs to the above respective sections.



You have to fill the Master Data Section which is needed in the Configuration section. The master data section contains - Country, City, Currency, Tuition Type, Class Room, Leave Type, Grade. The configuration section includes the creation of the Academy, then the Department, Academic Year and School. After that the Payment Period, Term, Semester, Tuition, Teacher, Grade Policy and finally the Class. They have to be create in the mentoined sequence.



  • Application will work only with Web based system.
  • Application has fixed theme/UI, if you want to change UI then you will need to contact the support team
  • Backup/Restore option is not available


Usage / Deployment Instruction

Open the URL: http://<instance ip address>

<instance ip address> : IP address of the running EC2 instance.

Admin credentials

User name : admin

Password : <instanceID>

SSH using root user is disabled. ec2-user is the sudo user with root privileges with access using the key pair created during launching the instance.

MYSQL can be accessed only with SSH

MYSQL User : root

Password : <instanceID>

Note : You are not supposed to change it.

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