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Our global team of certified professionals has direct access to Salesforce.com product and technology development teams, and they bring best practices from thousands of successful implementations. If you are working with a partner or managing your own implementation, you can use our expert services to drive your business process development on the cloud.

Meet us or give us a call and you’ll see that we’re very flexible and very innovative… and we can give you novel Salesforce solutions.

When it comes to SFDC implementation, we can pretty much handle anything. We offer expert and professional services at budget-friendly costs without compromising on quality. Our service portfolio includes:

1. Salesforce Implementation Consulting Services:

Our SFDC consultants will assess your existing business processes and advise you on best practices, specific to your business, to adopt cloud computing technologies and infrastructure. We will map your business processes to Salesforce.com’s features and functionalities to give you a better understanding of how to leverage Salesforce.com to facilitate your marketing, sales and support functions.

Does your business require SFDC or does your SFDC implementation require changes? Our experts will meticulously analyze your requirements to give you perfect and workable solutions.

We will assess your User Effectiveness to see and correct whatever hampers the adoption and use of SFDC across your organization. When you are working with our experienced SFDC consultants, you cannot go wrong with your implementation. We’ll ensure your success!

2. Salesforce Customization and Configuration:

Whatever your requirements are, we can set up, configure and customize Saleforce to perfectly meet your business needs. We can give you highly customized reports and dashboards that track your business metrics, to equip you with precise, accurate and improved insights into your business.

If you are already using Salesforce, we can customize your implementation so that you can use it optimally and efficiently to drive your business processes. This is how:

Managing Leads: We can provide instant visibility of your leads to your sales team, and can configure the workflow, assignment of leads and auto responses, so that not even one lead is dropped nor any opportunity is lost.

Managing Campaigns:  By creating custom fields, setting up page layouts and record types, configuring email templates and campaign ROI reports, we’ll help you monitor how effective your sales and marketing activities are.

Managing Accounts and Contacts: We’ll streamline and integrate all your customer information including key contacts, account history, customer communications and internal account discussions to give you the ‘Big Picture’.

Setting up Roles and Security: To ensure that your users and managers have access to the information that they need, we can set up the roles (to control visibility of data) and design the hierarchy to protect your business and your data.

Training: We can provide training to your end users as well as administrators to efficiently and effectively use your Salesforce implementation.

3. Analytics

To improve your MIS reporting, we can help you improve your analytical practices. We also create on-demand reports and dashboards to reflect what you want to see.

4. Support and Management

We offer Admin Support and Maintenance Services, where we will dedicate an expert to proactively monitor your Salesforce implementation, and suggest improvements as well as best practices, to maximize your application’s utility and effectiveness. Through our dedicated remote assistance, we’ll ensure that whatever needs may arise, we are just a call away.

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