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Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM cloud computing platform that offers a complete set of CRM cloud applications. Salesforce helps you build and manage relationships with your customers, collaborate and engage with employees and partners and store your data securely in the cloud.

Salesforce’s cloud applications like Sales cloud, Service Cloud, Pardot, Marketing cloud, Salesforce Platform helps you sell, service, market, analyze, connect with your customers, streamlines and automates your business processes and give you a complete 360-degree view of customers and insight into your business.


1. Salesforce Implementation Consulting Services:

We do provide the Salesforce Implementation and Consulting services:

  • Does your business require SFDC or does your SFDC implementation require changes? Our experts will meticulously analyze your requirements to give you perfect and workable solutions.
  • Our SFDC consultants will assess your existing business processes and advise you on best practices, specific to your business, to adopt cloud computing technologies and infrastructure. We will map your business processes to Salesforce.com’s features and functionalities to give you a better understanding of how to leverage Salesforce.com to facilitate your marketing, sales and support functions.
  • We will assess your User Effectiveness to see and correct whatever hampers the adoption and use of SFDC across your organization. When you are working with our experienced SFDC consultants, you cannot go wrong with your implementation. We’ll ensure your success!


2. Sales Cloud:

  • Automating lead management specific to client’s sales process and helps inside opportunity or telesales teams qualify leads before passing them on to sale
  • Implementing effective campaign management process to drive engagement, conversions, traffic, or revenue in Salesforce to get 360 degree customer view
  • Implementing Business process automation to make making sales pipeline, user adoption and sales productivity more efficient, effective and organized with Process builder, workflows, visual flows and custom code.
  • Assessing existing business processes and advising best practices, specific to client business requirements
  • Custom app development using both code development and clicks for any industry type or any business process  like Sales, Marketing, Recruitment, SOM, Financial, Manufacturing
  • Lightning migration and Lightning component development using both native and out of the box functionalities


3. Service Cloud

  • Implementing service cloud to manage company’s unique support processes
  • Setting up knowledge base repository to capture support team’s expertise to help customers solve their own problems
  • Implementing and customizing case management process to route cases with automatically trigger actions and workflows, and push cases to support agents through service process.


4. Salesforce Customization and configuration services:

  • Defining multiple sales process on same Salesforce instances depending upon user roles.
  • Data security & system OWD (Organization Wide Default) settings.
  • Configuring user profiles, roles & hierarchy and sharing rules.
  • Automating business process using workflow rules, Approval Processes, Visual Flows, and Process Builder in sales cloud.
  • Configuring integrated applications like Conga Composer, Docusign, Mailchimp, Cloud amp etc. according to use cases.
  • Both Lightning and classic Reports & dashboard development with standard Salesforce reporting tool and BI Analytics tools.
  • Database management and manipulation by using apex data loader tools.
  • Building custom process using both code and click in Salesforce class and Lightning experience.
  • Configuration and development of Salesforce 1 mobile application with you Salesforce instance.


5. Pardot:

  • Implementation of seamless sync behavior between Salesforce Sales cloud and pardot according to business process.
  • Implementing complex business logics and sales process in a lead generation to opportunity closing journey of client acquisition
  • Building interactive marketing assets like landing pages, complex custom coded templates, forms to enhance the perfect synchronization between Pardot and their Website and help marketing teams in their demand generation strategy
  • Implementing Google ad words tracking for visitor tracking, PPC campaigns and other advertisement campaigns.
  • Integrate third party web forms like form assembly with pardot form handlers to track and capture prospects in pardot.
  • Building a wide variety of email marketing campaign and nurture programs.
  • Implementing Salesforce engage and pardot to create a transparency between sales and marketing


6. Marketing Cloud

  • Developing highly customized email templates which can be reused at any point of time by customizing the content in email studio
  • Using journey builder, we can help in implementation of one-to-one member journeys for customers
  • A/B Testing and testing to make our email more result oriented.
  • Created dynamic content using dynamic content block and personalization via AMP script to personalize dynamic emails.


7. Integration services

  • Integration between Hubspot marketing automation tool and Sales force’s sales cloud application using both connector and API’s
  • Integration between Pardot and Salesforce or any other CRM application like Zoho crm
  • Integration between Salesforce and Form Assembly using Rest API to maintain a seamless experience between both systems
  • Integration between Magneto and Salesforce using SOAP API, REST API or connector.
  • Integrate Google Calendar, Google drive with Salesforce Sales Cloud.
  •  Track customer interactions between Salesforce and outlook using integration













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