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Cloud Computing

Miri provides following cloud services for Microsoft technologies

  • Cloud Computing Services
  • Cloud BI Services
  • Microsoft Cloud BI

With Azure, SQL Server 2012, and Office 365 we can

  • Implement PaaS or IaaS solutions in the cloud
  • Run a full-fledged SQL Server BI Solution via Azure VMs
  • Host Big Data in the cloud and integrate it into existing on-premise solutions via HDInsight
  • Build great BI visualizations in the cloud with a familiar Excel interface – and even show them for mobile users.

Our Technology Solutions Expertise

  • Business Integration/SOA
  • Cloud Services
  • Commerce
  • Content Management
  • Custom Application Development
  • Education
  • Information Management
  • Mobile Platforms
  • Platform Integration
  • Portal & Social

Advantages over Cloud

  • Reduced Organizational IT Costs
  • Built-in Scalability and Reliability
  • High Availability
  • Maximum “Future-Proofing”

This applies to Business Intelligence Solutions, too

  • Addresses Several Key Concerns in DW/BI Planning/Development
  • Reduces Significant Hardware Costs and Associated Planning Efforts
  • Potentially Shortens Implementation Time

Common Cloud Service Models

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

Business Intelligence on Cloud

  • The Principles of Cloud Computing applied to BI Solutions
  • Offers Benefits of Scalability, Stability, Reduced Cost – Drastically Reducing Hardware Concerns and Overhead
  • Need to be aware of issues like Data Loading Complications, Data Size Boundaries, Associated Costs etc.

Azure Platform as a Service

Azure SQL Database on Cloud

  • Formerly known as SQL Azure
  • Database as a Service and all elements are cloud-based
  • Limitations around security and certain other functions
    • Only uses SQL Authorization, No SSAS, SSIS
  • Value-Adds
    • PaaS benefits (horizontal scalability, hardware cost savings)
    • Connectivity with on-premise SQL Server

Azure SQL Server Reporting Services on Cloud

  • SSRS-style reporting against Azure SQL Database(s)
  • Only uses SQL Database authorization; SQL Database the only source

HDInsight Service

  • Azure’s Big Data Option
  • Wraps an Apache Hadoop Implementation
  • Uses Azure Tables for Storage (NoSql storage option)
  • Excellent option for integrating Big Data into existing Applications, BI Solutions, Reporting Environments

How does HDInsight Service works

  • Get an Azure Storage account and set up an HDInsight cluster (account cost relates directly to size of cluster)
  • Upload data using native JavaScript, Hadoop command line, Sqoop connection from SQL Server/Azure SQL Database, or a raft of 3rd party tools
  • Connect and analyze data using SQL Server and/or Excel via ODBC, an integrated application(s) via Hadoop.NET, or Azure SQL Database/SQL Reporting via Sqoop.

Azure Infrastructure as a Service

SQL Server BI services on Cloud

  • Azure VM
    • Only path to fully-functional SQL Server BI in the cloud
      • Only way to run Analysis Services or set up SharePoint integrated SSRS in Azure
    • Link to existing AD network, plus enable virtual network
    • SharePoint
      • Full-featured edition needed?  Run in VM!
      • Certain editions of SharePoint and Office 365/SharePoint online offer BI functionality
  • Options for implementation
    • Build VM offline, upload VHD to Azure
    • Build VM directly in Azure, provision/install/configure VHD in cloud
    • Pre-built VMs provided by Microsoft – including a BI server

Cloud Front-End Services

Office 365 and SharePoint Online

  • Cloud-based offering of Office applications including Excel and SharePoint
  • Front-End for Microsoft BI (On-Cloud or On-Premise)
  • BI Functionality
  • SharePoint/Excel BI features not available with O365D (private-cloud) edition
  • The O365 E3/A3/G3 plans and SharePoint Online Plan 2 include BI components
  • Note that Performance-Point Services, which is used for dashboards and scorecards, is not available in any edition

Power BI

  • Brand new cloud-based self-service BI offering
  • Suite of powerful self-service BI apps via a familiar interface like Excel
  • Initial offering for SharePoint Online/Office 365 only
    • Dedicated mobile/Windows 8 app (to be available across Windows ecosystem)
    • Supports Windows 7 and Mac users via browser
  • Visualizations Rendered using HTML 5
    • Standard browser compatibility for internet, mobile, tablet, etc.
    • Mobile Microsoft BI.

Power BI Sites

  • SharePoint Online sharing of Power BI content via new site type
  • Reports can be set to refresh data on schedule or on-demand
  • Power BI sites can be browsed from mobile device or desktop/laptop
  • Add reports to mobile favorites to view on tablet or smart phone


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