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An AWS product OrangeHRM - Transformative HRM powered by Miri Infotech. OrangeHRM is the World's Most Popular HR Software. It is Effective HR Tools and Options to Suit Your Needs. OrangeHRM Open Source is a free HR management system that offers a wealth of modules to suit the needs of your business. This widely-used system is feature-rich, intuitive and provides an essential HR management platform along with free documentation and access to a broad community of users.

We are configuring and publishing OrangeHRM embedded pre-configured tool with LAMP and ready-to-launch AMI on Amazon EC2 that contains OrangeHRM, Apache, MySQL, Linux, PHP (LAMP).
Features of OrangeHRM:
  • System Administration & User Roles
  • Personnel Information Management
  • Leave /Time off Management
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Recruitment
  • Performance
  • Training
  • Dashboard
  • Asset Tracker
  • Onboarding and Offboarding
  • Document Manager
  • Disciplinary Tracking
  • OrangeApp

System Administration

The System Administration module offers centralized control to your HR Manager or other personnel to carry out basic HR functions. Define your organizational structure or your pay scale with this module. Work in a secure environment to manage core information and business projects or address security issues such as user rights and permissions.

Personnel Information Management (PIM)

As a centralized employee database, the Personal Information Management (PIM) gives you the capability to easily and productively store and utilize all aspects of your employee information.

Leave /Time off Management

Using web-enabled and self-service concepts, management of vacation and leave requests was never easier. This integrated module enables online processing of requests and approval for leave and vacation time. Significantly streamline all your leave-related procedures‚ eliminate paperwork and reduce scheduling hassles with this module.

Time & Attendance Management

Eliminate paperwork and manual management of attendance and project timekeeping with this sophisticated HR module. The Time and Attendance Management module automates your timekeeping-related processes while minimizing attendance policy errors. Enhance organizational performance and keep your labor and workforce data effectively organized.


The Recruitment module gives HR professionals a comprehensive solution for the entire recruitment cycle. Effectively streamline your applicant tracking process from job vacancy to hire.


Assessment of job performance and communication of critical business expectations is essential for any business. The Performance module of OrangeHRM Open Source simplifies this vital process through creation of employment reviews and self- assessments.

Employee Self Service

Employee self service (ESS) is a powerful module that provides employees access to pertinent information through a web-enabled PC without involving HR staff. Subject to your information and security policies, employees can view and update personal information, providing tremendous time and cost savings. The functionality of this module spans the entire system‚ making information available anywhere‚ anytime.


The Dashboard module integrates information from multiple modules into a unified display. The module gives you a clean, user-friendly interface with real-time trend graphs, lists of pending HR tasks, quick launch panel and reporting. Learn More

OrangeHRM live cast:

You can subscribe to OrangeHRM, an AWS Marketplace product and launch an instance from the OrangeHRM product's AMI using the Amazon EC2 launch wizard.

To launch an instance from the AWS Marketplace using the launch wizard
  • Open the Amazon EC2 console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/ec2/
  • From the Amazon EC2 dashboard, choose Launch Instance.
    On the Choose an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) page, choose the AWS Marketplace category on the left. Find a suitable AMI by browsing the categories, or using the search functionality. Click Select to choose your product.
  • A dialog displays an overview of the product you've selected. You can view the pricing information, as well as any other information that the vendor has provided. When you're ready, choose Continue.
  • On the Choose an Instance Type page, select the hardware configuration and size of the instance to launch. When you're done, choose Next: Configure Instance Details.
  • On the next pages of the wizard, you can configure your instance, add storage, and add tags. For more information about the different options you can configure, see Launching an Instance. Choose Next until you reach the Configure Security Group page.
  • The wizard creates a new security group according to the vendor's specifications for the product. The security group may include rules that allow all IP addresses ( access on SSH (port 22) on Linux or RDP (port 3389) on Windows. We recommend that you adjust these rules to allow only a specific address or range of addresses to access your instance over those ports.
  • When you are ready, choose Review and Launch.
  • On the Review Instance Launch page, check the details of the AMI from which you're about to launch the instance, as well as the other configuration details you set up in the wizard. When you're ready, choose Launch to select or create a key pair, and launch your instance.
  • Depending on the product you've subscribed to, the instance may take a few minutes or more to launch. You are first subscribed to the product before your instance can launch. If there are any problems with your credit card details, you will be asked to update your account details. When the launch confirmation page displays


OrangeHRM is the World's Most Popular HR Software. It is Effective HR Tools and Options to Suit Your Needs.


OrangeHRM is emerging in line with the new generation of HR Information Systems (HRIS) and will assist you in managing your company's most important asset - human resource. Based on modular architecture, this comprehensive Open Source solution reflects the main areas of HR Management from simple personnel administration to today's complex strategic approaches. OrangeHRM, which is applicable to diverse business industries, is a perfect platform for re-engineering your HR processes and redefining the workflow operations of HR professionals, paving the way to a new level of HR Management.

A great benefit of Open Source Software is the profound collaboration and increased transparency which leads to better communication with the users. This also applies to OrangeHRM and collaboration with the user community has been, and will always be, an important part of OrangeHRM. While The OrangeHRM Forum serves as a perfect space for questions and discussion topics, the OrangeHRM Wiki works as a knowledge base for reading and submitting longer texts such as tips

OrangeHRM products make your business more efficient, cost-effective, risk-resistant, and competitive. Now you can get the most value for your investment with unsurpassed support services.

At OrangeHRM, we focus on your success by delivering personalized service to increase the value of our product in your unique business setting.

We recognize business priorities change quickly. Our support plan is tailored to help you:

  • Improve business value
  • Increase productivity
  • Minimize business risk:


  • Application will work only with Web based system.


Usage / Deployment Instruction

Open the URL: http://<instance ip address>

Welcome Screen Click on Next Tab

Step1: License Acceptance

Click on I Accept

Step2: Database Configuration

Host name : localhost

Database name : miriorangehrm

Database Username : root

password: <instanceID>

Checked on the "Use the same Database User for OrangeHRM checkbox

Click on Next button

Step3: Show System Check

Click on Next button

Step4: Admin User Creation

Admin Username: admin

Password: : <instanceID>

Click on Next button

Step5: Show details

Click on Next button

Step6: Installing

Click on Next button

Step 7: Registration

Click on Finish

SSH using root user is disabled. ec2-user is the sudo user with root privileges with access using the key pair created during launching the instance.

MYSQL can be accessed only with SSH

MYSQL User : root

Password : <instanceID>

Note : You are not supposed to change it.

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