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MIRIDrupal is a publishing platform embedded with pre-configured LAMP and ready-to-launch image on Amazon EC2 that contains a Drupal cms website. User can easily manage content and other features by themselves.

Drupal a free and open-source content-management framework written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License, provides a back-end framework for at least 2.2% of all Web sites worldwide – ranging from personal blogs to corporate, political, and government sites. Systems also use Drupal for knowledge management and for business collaboration.

This appliance includes all the standard features in Blog and CMS, on top of that:
  • Drupal configurations:
    • Installed from upstream source code to <path of Doc Root>
  • Drupal features:
    • Technically Advanced – Drupal is the most technically advanced of these three content management systems. Good for technical people who like to get their hands dirty.
    • Improved Performance – Drupal pages typically load more quickly, and have faster response times than those made with other cms. Part of the reason is because it’s less resource-intensive, requiring a less expensive server or hosting setup. (However like with all CMS, adding too many third party plugins can bog down performance.)
    • Customizable – Drupal is easy to customize with many widely available plug-ins, themes and other configurable options to choose from. You can also edit the root files directly, perfect for those developers who need to make more significant changes.
    • Free – You can download the Drupal software for free, and install it on your own hosting server.
    • Multilingual Ready
    • Easy Authoring
    • Web Services Built-in
    • Responsive Images
Drupal live cast

Installation Wellcome:

Setup 1 Datbase

Setup 2 Build Database

Installation Successful

Installation 5

Installation 6

Usage Instructions

Use the browser to access the application at http://<instance ip address>/main.php replace <instance ip address> with the actual ip address of the running EC2 instance.

Below are the installation steps:

1) Choose Language:

2) Choose profile:

Select an installation profile for ex. standard

3) Verify requirements:

4) Set up database:

In the next step Configure the database with following details.

Host : localhost

Database Name: miridrupal

Username (for Database) : root

Password (For Database) : <instanceID>

5) Install site:

6) Configure site:


If you need any help in installation visit Click here And submit the form.

Live Demo

Version History

  Version Date
1.0 September 2016


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