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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation and Support


For a huge Non-Profit organization YMCA USA with more than 2700 branches in all over The United States it was a huge challenge for YMCA to consolidate the data at one point and then use that data for their regional marketing activities depending upon their branch specific registrants. These were highly dynamic emails and a well-planned campaign needed to run in order to automate customer engagements. Volume of automated emails were also high for every month. Custom data modelling needed to build audience for sending automated emails. These emails should have to be 1-to-1 interaction journeys.


Platform was already decided and purchased by the client. They had the licenses and working environment of Marketing cloud in place.


Following a rigorous requirements definition process, our specialist consultants were able to design, test and implement a complete end-to-end robust marketing automation system. We gave operational support to the YMCA marketing strategies to implement them technically on their marketing platform.

  1. We partnered with YMCA to execute their overall marketing campaign implementations.
  2. We created highly customized email templates which can be reused at any point of time by customizing the content.
  3. Created a strategic plan template to document the complete campaign requirements.
  4. Being in marketing operations for YMCA we worked for them in scheduling campaigns.
  5. Creating targeted data extension for audience building by writing complex queries to populate data from master subscriber data extensions and other third party data sources.
  6. Automating query activities to schedule data update in data extensions on daily basis for new onboarding subscribers.
  7. We did set up the profile attributes for subscribers.
  8. Created dynamic content using dynamic content block and personalization via AMPscript to personalize dynamic emails.
  9. Using journey builder, we implemented one-to-one member journeys for YMCA.
  10. A/B Testing was an essential part of email design and testing to make our email more result oriented.
  11. Reporting has been implemented to track key metrics of marketing KPIs via standard reports in Marketing Cloud.


This critical implementation was a huge success for client and now client is potentially using this high end automated marketing automation system to implement their marketing strategies for demand generation, customer retentions, customer acquisitions.

  • Miri is now become their helping hand in implementing marketing automations technically.
  • More efficient and fast paced environment to implement marketing automation strategies.
  • YMCA marketing team get more time to spend on building strong result oriented strategies and Miri help them to implement them.
  • Client now have a full proof executed methodology to implement any of their marketing campaign vi automation.
  • Testing plan is being properly implemented to make sure execution of campaign is timely and correctly executed.
  • The client also now benefits from complete visibility into the performance of the demand generation, client engagements with real-time, accurate management information informing their growth strategy and other KPIs.