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Consumer Services
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Online restaurant & Food search and discovery service


At initial stage of client requirement only limited to create REST API for App (Android and IOS) but after complete analysis of client requirement, we were finalized website design and development, database designing, Cloud hosting and REST API development with complete functional backend system to handle and report each activity of the website as well as mobile app.

This project was initially came our desk 2 years ago, when client was required a system where client requirement comment was “We know you want to find really good food. We arewhat’s Your Most Popular – WYMP – and we’re here to streamline your search for yummy. How are we different from everyone else? We put everything you need to know right at your fingertips. And we do it faster than you can say, “Hold the pickles!”.

Project was only available DB structure and few layout screens, we were analyses all requirements and start challenge integration.


At discovery state of the project, we studying the requirements and challenges faced by clients, Miri Infotech has performed discovery and feasibility of various platforms and tools available in the market which can fulfill client’s requirements. Such as Drupal, CakePHP, Zend, SOAP, REST, Core PHP, Cloud Hosting, Share hosting, dedicated hosting, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, HTML, JQuery.


CorePHP, MySQL, REST and Cloud hosting with HTML5, Bootstrap design framework selection was best way to solve the client challenge and implemented the application as per requirement.

AWS Hosting: EC2, S3, RDS, Load balancing, ElastiCache, Route 53, SES

Database: MySQL

REST: Lambda

Language: PHP

Web: HTML5, Bootstrap, JQuery, JSON, css3


We worked with application and implemented following features:

  • Complete historical change log for all changes in the database (add, remove and update)
  • Complete Restaurant Management System
  • Complete Food Management System
  • Complete User Profile Management System
  • Integration of extensive Zip Code and World Region Database system for User grouping and searching
  • Location and distance based searching functionality.
  • Complete Social Network share functionality
  • System will track user location and will save it in  browser cookie as well on server for later use, if it will not get user location it will pop up this page
  • Food Ranks: Food first page below the food picture along with its description It will keep track of rankings of foods
  • REST calls developed

Web application implementing, testing and hosting completed and lived website on time.


Website and Mobile App implementation was a huge success for client and now client site rapidly growing data and till now 2000 foods listing in web application with 500 users and 1200 resturants. Key benefits realized:

  • More efficient and fast paced environment for website and web services.
  • Betterment in quality data acquisition.
  • Backend system to report and manage each and every data.
  • Dashboard for user to manage his/her food and its likes