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Pardot Implementation and Salesforce Customization


With a growing team and an expanding global footprint, Initiafy identified the need to ensure that marketing processes were robust enough to be delivered consistently from one market to another, whilst maintaining the flexibility to localize campaigns to the needs of prospects in each region. Execution of their strategies were furthermore complicating the matter due to the nonintegrated sales and marketing systems. Existing marketing system was not able to fulfill their all requirements; hence there was a need to implement new system.


After spending time and money in research of a full-fledged system according to their requirement, Initiafy finally purchased the marketing automation tool.

  1. Salesforce Sales Cloud
  2. Pardot


Miri helped Initiafy at the hardest time in their whole strategy Implementation and Adoption. After doing all the hard work on adoption strategy and implementation plan, our experts successfully implemented a fully functional marketing automation tool. Now the tool is capable enough to tell the pre-sales story of any prospect/customer in the system. As the system started working completely in sync with the Sales cloud CRM, this removed the duplication of efforts and allowed team members to focus on customer-centric sales and marketing communications aligned with a global strategy, rather than wasting time in tracking the marketing efforts manually.

Initiafy was also able to amplify ad-hoc email sends by leveraging Pardot's 'engagement program' functionality. Prospects who start the communication with Initiafys emails could enter a communication stream tailored to their area of interest. Using Pardot’s automation functionality, relevant content can be distributed to the prospects as per their past activities and engagement behavior.

Initiafy, also leveraged Pardot’s lead scoring functionality to track a prospect’s engagement, ensuring the sales teams could contact customers at the right time in the purchasing process. Due to the full-fledged integration between Salesforce Sales Cloud and Pardot, now sales team can be notified about the prospects activities in real time when any prospect starts an engagement with the marketing assets.


Marketing automation has helped marketing team to result in more customer engagement and lead generation through email campaigning and other PPC campaigns. Earlier the time spent on concatenation of the databases between Sales and marketing tool has been cut down and due to real time data synchronization sales team is utilizing their time more in developing the business for the organization. Marketing process has been streamlined and all the marketing efforts and channels are measurable to analyze the correct use of investments.

Initiafy is now able to deliver the right content at right time to the right prospects. It’s easy for them to share the new product releases or updates with their customers and prospects with the help of segments they have leveraged from the pardot automation functionality.