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Pardot Implementation and Salesforce with Website Integration


With a growing demand of their unique product in the global market, Hypori, identified the need to ensure marketing processes were robust enough to promote their product to the correct audience in the digital world. Due to the no integration between their Website, Pardot and Salesforce Hypori was defeating the motive of high investments on marketing strategies. Their website was in the digital world but wasn’t helping them enough to drive the business with the right pace. Here they wanted to utilize their digital presence to drive the sales in the organization by synchronizing marketing and sales data in the real time. They wanted to give the same look and feel to the background marketing assets as per their website in the digital world.


Platforms which captured Hypori’s attraction to accomplish its goals.

  1. Salesforce Sales Cloud
  2. Pardot


Miri has been appointed to accomplish their goals with seal of trust and required expertise. They leveraged the web designing expertise of Miri to design their Pardot forms to match their website theme and appearance. Website has been completely integrated with the Pardot forms which helped them increase pace in the lead generation and saved the time of database reconciliation between Pardot and Website.

Now Hypori can synchronize the data seamlessly amongst their all three tools Website to Pardot to Salesforce.


This smart implementation helped Hypori to rock their audience in the digital world with its complete digital presence. They can easily track the visitor conversions from different marketing channels along with their website. Direct access to the marketing data in real time helped sales team to communicate with prospects as per their engagement behavior and activities. Data is directly landing into Salesforce and Pardot which helps in automating the lead routing amongst sales team. Integration with website results in prequalified leads and more customer engagement.