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Pardot Implementation and Salesforce with Website Integration


Fransmart needed a strategy around their marketing efforts to automate manual sales and marketing processes, freeing up time to focus on the touchpoints that can add value to the investors and avoiding undifferentiated campaigns. We have been assisted with: The Pardot eco-system that included the marketing automation platform, so that they sustain with a tag of global leader in franchise development.

Fransmart with a practical franchise development expansion plans with measurable results but due to the no integration between their Website, Pardot, Fransmart was not achieving the motive of high investments on marketing strategies.

They promote their customers’ brands and for that they use different microsites for each and every customer which has become a giant problem for them to handle. Microsites were used for Lead Generation for their clients to drive their business with exponential growth.


The platform that highly suited Fransmart to cultivate their motto is Pardot.


To resolve and to achieve this goal with no more different microsites and a single solution, Miri helped them and ultimately enhanced their client’s digital presence by synchronizing marketing data and website in the real time via a productive integration.

We developed a plan of attack with a mixture of Pardot forms, Pardot form handlers, Landing Pages which are now hosted directly on their client’s website and in turn increase their Lead Generation.

Multiple complex custom coded Templates, Landing Pages were built which enhance the perfect synchronization between Pardot and their Website and ultimately their investments were polished. The initial goal is simply to engage more and more traffic via different marketing channels on the published Landing Pages along with the forms which consecutively enhanced their business growth.

Leveraging Pardot’s web tracking functionality, now Fransmart is achieving the exact marketing goals and other business development needs of their customers.

Where friction points were identified, Pardot landing pages and forms are now able to be easily deployed without any difficulty, enabling the simple gathering of prospects' details and the delivery of valuable information at a time when it will best benefit the prospect.


  • No more Microsites need to be created separately for every client instead every client’s website with indexed landing page(microsite) is being promoted.
  • Fransmart’s customer website direct promotion is resulting to a better SEO and digital marketing results.
  • Pardot seamlessly integrates with the multiple brands Websites, resulting in high number of pre-qualified leads’ generation.
  • Pardot has become a master database for all the brands which has reduced the manual efforts of data gathering from multiple microsites.
  •  Information that was previously warehoused was made accessible, such as prospects interaction with marketing channels being made available to their sales team from within Pardot which has now kept their digital marketing at a peak.