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Fremont, USA
Salesforce CRM
We at Dataguise Inc. have been using MiriTech for over three years. For most of that time, they were our outsourcing partner for product development. They are an experienced organization and it shows in every aspect of our interactions. They are thoroughly professional and they take a distinct pride in the manner in which they conduct their business. We are a startup company busy with full-time product development and servicing large enterprise customers. The highest level of service provided by Miri Infotech has helped us to focus completely on our core business without any diversions related to the infrastructure. MiriTech attention to details and responsiveness when occasional issues crop up are par excellence. MiriTech is one professional organization that will be my first choice in Chandigarh and Delhi areas and one that I strongly recommend to anyone with similar needs as we have.
Venkat Subramanian V.P. (Dataguise Inc)


In an exponentially growing organization, there was a need to implement a centralized system to manage co-related intra departmental operations between inside sales, sales, marketing and service teams. Company was facing constraints in data integrity between their intra departmental operations and process management. Loosely integrated or no integration between marketing, sales and service management systems, data quality issues, non-standard reporting formats, ineffective lead generation, non-measurable marketing efforts, undefined sales process and shuffling between spread sheets to manage data were few of their major factors affecting their rapid growth in spite of their teams sheer hard work.


At the discovery stage, after studying the requirements and challenges faced by clients Miri Infotech has performed discovery and feasibility of various platforms and tools available in the market which can fulfill client’s requirements.

Salesforce stood on the top of the list with its Force.com platform attaining capability of custom development and native modules.

Sales Cloud –Sales Process Automation

Pardot –Marketing Automation

Service Cloud –Case management and service portal

Data.com –Seamless integration & Quality data acquisition


Following a rigorous requirements definition process, our specialist consultants were able to design, test and implement a complete end-to-end robust centralized system to efficiently manage inside sales, sales, marketing and service operations. Solution was designed to support 50+ user base growing exponentially in all the core functioning teams of different departments. The system features:

  • Complex business logics and sales process in a lead generation to opportunity closing journey of client acquisition.
  • Clean and easy to use interface with complex automation rules for recurring functionality in every sales cycle.
  • Data.com implementation to keep data clean and up to date, integrated within salesforce to acquire quality for lead generation.
  • Data security implemented on the basis of user profiles and their data accessibility permissions.
  • Pardot integration with Sales cloud to efficiently run marketing campaigns and to analyse marketing efforts.
  • Integrated Salesforce with website for more effective lead generation.
  • Website integration with Salesforce was done with the help of Salesforce native Web-to-Lead & Web-To-Case functionality and Pardot forms and landing page integrations.
  • Google analytics tracking for PPC campaigns and other advertisement campaigns, visitors tracking.
  • Service cloud implementation for better client service experience, case management application and service portal for clients and partners.

The client also now benefits from complete visibility into the performance of the business with real-time, accurate management information informing their growth strategy and other KPIs.


This critical implementation was a huge success for client and now client is potentially using this only tool Salesforce.com to manage its all operations in various departmental teams. Key benefits realized:

  • More efficient and fast paced environment to track sales process.
  • Cracks were identified by analysis from where sales opportunities were falling through.
  • Betterment in quality data acquisition.
  • Centralized system has now united the intra-departmental data, resulting in rapid sales growth and client servicing on the same time.
  • Standard reporting format has been established with visual representation of metrics in dashboards.
  • Marketing automation has helped marketing team to result in more customer engagement and lead generation through email campaigning and other PPC campaigns.
  • Service portal has centralized the customer and partner support in the same environment. Case management and client service efficiency is increased.
  • Integration with website is resulting in prequalified leads and more customer engagement. Data is directly landing into Salesforce and Pardot which helps in automating the lead routing amongst sales team.

The client also now benefits from complete visibility into the performance of the business with real-time, accurate management information informing their growth strategy and other KPIs.