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Strategic Operations
Sharepoint 2013, custom C# apps


An internal process allowing all Asurion Geo Leads or their delegates to submit partner opportunities into our new business pipeline. It is a repeatable, standardized and transparent approach for delivering opportunities to market.

The registration form, which can be accessed through "Submit and AIC Opportunity", is the entry point to the AIC process.

Each opportunity goes through 4 different phases and approval stages prior to a launch, phase 5


At the discovery stage, after studying the requirements and challenges faced by the client, Miri Infotech has performed discovery and feasibility of various platforms and tools available in the market which can fulfill client’s requirements.

  • SharePoint 2013
  • SharePoint Designer
  • Nintex Workflow
  • Infowise Technology


Following a rigorous requirements definition process, our specialists were able to design, test and implement a complete end-to-end robust centralized system to efficiently manage inside sales, sales, marketing and service operations.

Solution was designed to support 2000+ user base growing exponentially in all the core functioning teams of different departments. The system features:

  • Used Infowise Technology in this project to enhance the approval process
  • Automatically generated projects sub site using Infowise actions
  • Multilayer workflow process using Nintex workflow and Nintex Forms
  • Automatically generated Partners sub site using Infowise actions
  • Created various Dashboards using jQuery
  • Created multiple custom configurable webparts for Projects and Partners Sites
  • SharePoint Group for each work stream is created for Project site.
  • Document Libraries for Project Launch Documentation created.


This critical implementation was a huge success for the client and now the client has been potentially working on “asurion.com” to manage its all operations in various departmental teams.

Key benefits realized:

  • More efficient and fast paced environment to track automation process.
  • Project teams are able to move task lists out of the “To-Do List” feature, instead building task lists.
  • Combining and organizing key content from multiple project sites into one efficient and accessible framework.
  • Quickly create separate subsites under the main site for individual teams and projects.
  • Betterment in quality data acquisition.
  • Collaboration of Projects and Partners respective to their countries at one place.
  • Changed the complete look and feel of the main site and all sub sites.
  • Created and Designed Various Data Web parts, Image Sliders, News Events Sliders.