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SharePoint Migration
Miri Infotech has been supporting our SharePoint and Data Warehouse infrastructure for the last few years, and we have been receiving excellent services from knowledgeable and courteous technical professionals.
Fred Lau Director of Finance & IT (AnD Engineering)


A Brand new SharePoint 2010 farm and redesign the information architecture (site structure, metadata, etc.) and then migrate the content site by site from the old SharePoint 2007 sites over to SharePoint 2010. Using a database attach upgrade approach is useful when you are changing hardware or want to reconfigure your server farm topology as part of the upgrade process. In a migration scenario, you would attach the old SharePoint 2007 database over to SharePoint 2010.


In place upgrade runs by simply running the prerequisites and the SharePoint 2010 setup on an existing SharePoint 2007 farm.

  • Tools needed:
  • SharePoint 2010 installation package
  •  ShareGate Tool
  •  64-bit version of Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2
  •  64-bit version of SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008


Solution was designed to support 5000+ user base growing exponentially in all the core functioning teams of different departments.

The purpose of migration of A&D site from SharePoint version 2007 to SharePoint version 210 is to enhance the storage of site, make it more user friendly, provides user security over the site. Migration was done with the best tool named as “ShareGate” of Microsoft. It Migrates the Content DataBase, Master pages, page layout, thousands of data of a document library. It allows to sync the data with the outlook. Not only the document it also migrates the workflows implemented over list and libraries. 


This critical implementation was a huge success for client and now client is potentially working on “andonline.com” to manage its all operations in various departmental teams.

  • Key benefits realized:
  • More efficient and fast paced environment to track automation process.
  • Increased the storage size of the site
  • Well documentation of files in document library
  • Updates and Daily alert notification on Outlook
  • Collaboration of Projects and Job Tools at one place.
  • Incorporates News Archive, News Events, Facilities & services and Business Performance